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Where it's all about Ianto, always Ianto... and neverending Ianto

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Name:Long Live Ianto
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Welcome to LONG LIVE IANTO! It's the comm where Ianto never dies, always alive.
Or to be precise: Where it's all about Ianto, always Ianto... and neverending Ianto.
Why are we here?
Because some of us believe that Ianto deserves a long life too, and we're perfectly willing to ignore CoE (or fix-it so Jack can't lose Ianto so easily). To us, Ianto Jones is a special man. He has magic within him - he has to, because how can someone be so awesome without being blessed with something special and not average. Here is where we can celebrate many different ways for Ianto to be many ways of special.

What we are looking for:
Fanfiction and recs for fanfiction that contains the following:

#1 - first and foremost - Ianto never dies. If he does, it isn't permanent. A fic has that, it's welcome here.
#2 - Ianto is more than an ordinary human, even if just psychic/telepathic/empathic. He can be entirely human, but should have an extremely long life span, at the least.

After that:
We'll accept all sorts of non-ordinary human Ianto fics: Time Lord Ianto, Alien Ianto, Telepathic Ianto, Vampire Ianto, Wizard/otherwise magical Ianto, and so on and so on.
#3 Janto - oh yes, we want Ianto to have the man he loves with him. It does not have to start as Janto, but should end with Janto, and a happy ending. Until you get to the end - have fun with angst, torture, fluff, whatever gets your plotbunnies jumping.

Not only fanfiction is welcome here. We also accept artwork, fanmixes and videos - as long as it keeps the the community's theme.

Some other things to consider:
Fanfiction should be about the characters of Torchwood and Doctor Who only, not the cast. Real Person Slash and/or Real Person Fiction is not allowed in the community even if the story in question includes fictional characters.

Any length of story is welcome, including multi-chapter.

Posting Format:
The LJ Subject Line: (at minimum) Title
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 or General, Mature, Adult
Pairings: Jack/Ianto should be the main pairing of the fiction, if an additional specific character pairing is prominently featured, please list
Warnings: our readers need warning if your subject matter is outside their interests. Writers must include specific warnings for subjects such as rape, dubious consent, Mpreg, character death (even canon), child death or miscarriage, incest, abuse, or other potentially sensitive subjects – this includes character ‘bashing’. If you aren’t sure if you should warn about a particular subject, ask a moderator and we will direct you.
Spoilers: (the canon point from which your story starts, example: S2 'Something Borrowed')
Authors Notes:

Be sure to include appropriate tags, each posting should include at minimum the author, what type of long life Ianto has (ie Time Lord, immortal, etc) and rating for your posting. If posting the actual chapter directly to the comm, please put it behind a cut. If you don't know how to do cuts read this FAQ.

If we've missed something, please feel free to ask us at Here Be Mods! and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Also in plans for fun:
Challenges! Yes, we'll have challenges. Every month we'll post a new challenge to stir the muses and hopefully see more wonderful fic of the theme.

Thank you to the team at jantocam for letting us use their rules as a template!

Got it? Good. Have fun posting! Or reccing! Or reading!

1/22/11: Due to concerns of some of our members, we figured we need to make some of our rules a bit clearer along with a couple of updates to posting rules:

If his becoming immortal/extended life is somewhere down the line in a series/'verse, please be sure it happens in the duration of the fic being posted, or by the end. If happens several fics down the line, please hold off on posting until Ianto is immortal/extended life. You may post links to the previous fics leading to it then.

If it is reincarnated!Ianto in a fic, he must somehow retain memories of his life as Ianto, by the end of the fic. The same with clone!Ianto. Again, if this happens in another fic further in a series, do not post until it happens and include links to previous fics.

All fics must have either the immortal!ianto or extended life!ianto tags, or one of the other extended life tags. If any of those tags are not included with a submitted fic, it will be rejected (we generally explain why a fic is rejected and if you can fix, you are more then welcome to submit again).

We do not believe this needs to be said, but please keep in mind the following:
CoE compliant and S4 should not be posted here unless it's a fix-it - and fixed by the end.
There should be plenty of other places for such fics that are not fix-its and bring Ianto back.

longliveianto is to be considered a safe zone away from TW S4, as well as from CoE-compliant fics (exceptions are fix-it in which Ianto returns - immortal or with an extended life). Please keep this in mind, because fics will be rejected if it does not meet the criteria.

Thank you!
The Long Live Ianto Mods


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